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ConGruent was founded in December 2005.

ConGruent offers services to any business that wishes to optimize its Procurement Services.

ConGruent has more than 20 years expertise knowledge in production, services and research environments in automotive, pharma, banking and telco, and holds specific knowledge and techniques to lift any company's Procurement Services to benchmark levels.

ConGruent is used to working in international environments (EU and US) and in providing services to any level in your organization.


ConGruent is an abstract term from Euclidian geometry meaning similar, having equivalent shapes (hence the two identical shapes in the ConGruent-logo). Neurolinguistic terms derived from this mean fitting, corresponding, suitable, having rapport, being consistent.

ConGruent aims at full congruence between your challenge and ConGruent's solution.

| Last update: 14 November 2009 |